return & excange policy

  1. If the product you receive does not match the specifications listed or reject then you can exchange the product and all shipping costs are paid by LVG Studios.
  2. We will replace products that do not match your order (color / size) and shipping costs will be paid by LVG Studios.
  3. Changing the size & color of the product can only be exchanged while the size & color is still available
  4. If an error in the selection of size & color is on the customer’s side, shipping costs are paid by the customer.
  5. Products that can be exchanged do not smell of perfume, laundry soap and other fragrances.
  6. Products that can be exchanged are not in dirty condition.
  7. Products can be exchanged for a maximum of 3 (three) days after the product is received by the customer.
  8. If all terms and conditions are not fulfilled, product exchange is not accepted and the product sent by the customer will be returned.
  9. Shipments of exchanged products will be sent after the product that has been sent by the customer has been received by LVG Studios.
  10. Promo or discount products cannot be exchanged.